Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enter Nursery

Today was Alex's first official day in nursery. The highlights of nursery are playing with play dough, and of course eating lunch. Food is a big part of his life and is the reason why he has a bruise on his forehead.

He loves to get into the fruit bowl at home and will easily eat a kilogram of fruit over the course of a couple of days if I don't stop him. I moved the fruit bowl away from the original spot to stop him from having free access, and he managed to get on his tippy toes, and he pulled the fruit bowl onto his head. Since then the fruit bowl has been moved again and he now gets the little chair, and stands on it to get to the fruit. If there's a will there's a way for him!

He was most excited to see some familiar faces in nursery, especially Cousin Kelsea.

He is such a wriggle worm. Hopefully it won't be long until he learns the routine and will sit still.

Aren't the kids just the cutest! Nursery is a bit of a full house in the ward and will stay like that in the upcoming years.