Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"He needs a sport!"

About 12 months ago we were at the child health clinic for Lincoln. Little Alex was restless (as normal) and the child health nurse was distracted for a moment while observing Alex and declared " He needs a sport!" So last term Little Alex went to swimming lessons for the first time ever. He had a wonderful time and looked forward to his Tuesday swims independant of his big sister, while she was at school. He is a powerhouse in the water and would leave all the other kids behind as he has such a strong kick. He still hasn't got the technique quite right (as he kicks deep down into the water rather than close to the surface), but with some time and practice next term we'll work on that. His swimming teacher thought it was a good idea to put him up a class next term to help him along with the technique. It was so good for him physically, but also socially as he got to mix with kids his own age.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Her first school photos

Maddi has had a great first term at school. She received her first report before the holidays and we had to laugh, as it described her so well. Yesterday she was excited to bring home her first school photos. We hope she always has a love of school like she does now.