Saturday, April 28, 2012

Turning 6

On Wednesday it was Maddi's big birthday day. She is lucky enough to get a public holiday on her birthday as it is on ANZAC day. Maddi loves school, so sometimes I wonder if she would really mind if she did have to go school on her birthday. On Tuesday night we stayed at Mum and Dad's the night, and the kids and Grandpa were up bright and early to wish Maddi a happy birthday. She was officially 6 when she woke up, as she was born at 4.10am on ANZAC day. I always think she was ready to join the world in time for the dawn service.

First thing she did, was present opening. Then we watched Tangled, one of her birthday presents. Dad had great timing and rang just as the movie finished, from his hotel in Chicago, to wish his girl a happy day. It sure was a sacrifice for Dad to be missing his Little girl's day. Grandma made some nice fluffy pancakes for breakfast and then we went to the ANZAC march in Deloraine, to pay tribute to all those who have fought and died to defend our country. It is really sad to see that there are not many ANZACS left marching anymore, and the few that do go in the parade have aged so much and are too frail to walk. I still picture Pop marching and being there in spirit.


After the parade we went to the Raspberry Farm for lunch with Mum, Dad, the Kings, and Steph and the kids. The kids had a great play outside with their cousins in the cubby. Maddi chose an icecream sundae for lunch. Not very often do you get to have dessert for lunch, but birthdays are an exception! After lunch we headed back to Mum and Dad's, and the kids went for motorbike rides and played with Harri and Kobe. At teatime we had some of Maddi's favourites- scallops, prawns, fried rice and chicken pieces. It was nice to have the Kings there with us. We then sang happy birthday and had chocolate birthday cake and icecream for dessert.  

Maddi has wanted to have a party for so long, and has been coming up with who to invite, so this was the year to do it, before we move.  She was so excited about it, and has been asking during the last month, how many sleeps until it was her birthday, and how many until her party. The day finally came and our social butterfly was so happy, and was in a party mood. She has been inviting people for so long to her party by word of mouth, and I was beginning to wonder if some people would show up unexpected to me! In the end she invited 13 girls to her fairy themed party and 11 beautiful girls came to the party, some dressed in colourful fairy outfits.

 Auntie Ness came up from Hobart and helped out at the party. First of all the girls made some things and got their nails painted by Auntie Ness.

Maddi is so into art/craft and creating, and asked if they could make some things at her party so we made little teacups and fairy wands, which were made out of marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered in white chocolate and sprinkles.

 Auntie Becky and Auntie Steph and Tamika (Zaali and Makenzie's Mum) were great helpers while the girls were busy creating. Grandma was a great help in the kitchen preparing food for lunch.

 Then it was time for some games. First game was bobs and statues, which they loved as they got their groove on, dancing away.

  The birthday girl with her school friend Zarli.

Then it was time for pass the parcel.

Maddi drew a poster of a fairy and we played pin the star on the fairy wand. Last activity was a pull string pinata. The lollies didn't come out completely by pulling the strings, so I ended up hitting the lollies out with a wooden spoon. We had lots of very excited lolly collecting girls.....and boys.
 Then we finished off with party food for lunch.

 Blowing the candles out.
The girls were so cute, and gathered under the table, like they had their own hideaway to eat their lunch.

 Having a play on the trampoline before the guests left.

 Maddi with Chloe

The party bags filled with all things girly.  

 Maddi was very lucky to get so many lovely presents. She spent the afternoon creating and playing with her presents. At the end of the day Maddi said, "thanks for the party Mum, cos I really LOVE parties."  She really is growing up fast now. She makes us laugh every day. I hope that this party has left her with lovely memories of her beautiful friends in Tasmania.