Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Photos

On Gina's last night with us we thought it would be nice if we got some family shots. Little Alex was tired and irritable by the end of the day and we wondered if we were going to get some nice shots of him. He soon snapped out of his mood with a bit of fresh air and wide open space in the park to play in.

Little Alex adores his little brother and is constantly smothering him in kisses. He loves to get into his cot with him (a place where I thought Lincoln was safe!) and lie down with him and cuddles him so tightly.

Maddi is an adoring sister who calls Lincoln, "Mr Linc."

These two are always asking if they can hold him.

Five years ago there was just the two of us. It's hard to believe we are now a family of five.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Photos from Auntie Gina

Auntie Gina is a very talented photographer, check out her website here at georgiewatsonphotography.com . We were so lucky to have her take some photos of Lincoln as a newborn. Lincoln was 13 days old when these photos were taken. Gina takes a lot of photos of newborn babies and finds that it's best to take the photos when the baby is under two weeks old. When Gina organised her travel plans she made sure that Lincoln would be at least under two weeks old during her visit. I love having these photos of our Little boy to remember how tiny and precious he was. He has already grown up so much and doesn't seem like such a newborn anymore. When we had Maddi and Alex as babies, we were too caught up into them growing up into the next age/stage, but with Lincoln we are enjoying each moment as it comes.

It was so enjoyable to watch Auntie Gina in action. We were all fascinated at what she does. Thankyou Gina you have done a fantastic job. We LOVE them.

Maddi commented that Lincoln was praying during this moment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lincoln's blessing

On Sunday the 24th of January, Lincoln was blessed in the presence of all our family except Uncle Chrish. Gina and Damien arrived off the Spirit that morning and had driven from Sydney and Alex's Nana was there from Hobart for it too. It was lovely that so many people could make it and people had travelled from near and far to come for the day. Lincoln wore a blessing outfit that Harri, Alex, Kobe and Lachlan all wore on their blessing days.

Afterwards we went home and had everyone over for lunch.

The kids had a great time playing outside with the tap and all got soaking wet. All the kids blamed Little Alex for turning it on, which was probably true as he is strong enough to do it. After a quick dress change the girls put some dry clothing on and Gina took some group photos.

Maddi loves spending time with her cousins. Gina took this cute photo of Chloe and Maddi together.

Lincoln fits right in the family and is quite placid. He only really cries if he is hungry, wants to be held, or has wind. He is very alert and has already smiled a few times. We all love him very much and the kids adore him and love cuddling him and kissing him. He's very popular, and often I will have to sneakily feed him so he won't get interrupted by his big sister and brother. Maddi loves learning all about him and loves talking to him. I think she is proud when we tell her that he looks a bit like her as a baby. Little Alex smothers him with kisses and hasn't yet learned about being gentle.