Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enjoying his tucker

Getting Linc to eat solids has been an uphill battle. Just over the last few weeks, he has been getting into his tucker, and has been enjoying eating food with flavour. We were beginning to think he was a bit of a misfit in the family (with his lack of interest in food), but it is becoming more apparent that he just loves food with flavour.

Last night Grandma fed him pumpkin, apple sauce and gravy, which as you can see he loved. His two bottom teeth popped out a couple of months ago, but you can finally see them in this photo.

He pulls the same faces as Little Alex did when he was around the same age. Little Alex and Big Alex both used to screw their noses up and breath through their noses loudly in excitement when they were babies. Linc usually pulls this face for ladies as he is a little flirt!

It's amazing how the little things in your genetics come through in you kids. I am constantly seeing things that Maddi does and some things that Linc does that are similar to me. Little Alex is just like his Dad in many ways. We got his name right there!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Final Day

Our holiday came to an end on a Saturday. We packed up and left the house mid morning. Little Alex had a final play in the sandpit while I collected all the sand around the sandpit. The kids had lots of fun in the sandpit.

Our baggage was all ready to go. We couldn't forget the most important piece (laying between the pillows). It was sad to leave the wonderful house. The good thing about the house was that it had everything we needed and more! There were toys and games for the kids, swimming gear, kayaks, play equipment for the babies, entertainment for the adults, two computers, a fully equipped kitchen and laundry. We didn't have to take much with us as they even included beach towels, which gave us a bit more room in our suitcases.

Here are some photos of the house taken from www.stayz.com.au. The bedroom at its best.

The ensuite

The kitchen

The view from the bedroom balcony.

One of the loungerooms

On the way to Brisbane we made a stop at Movieworld and caught the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, that we had missed the day before. I left the camera in the hands of Alex, so we have so many photos of this show! Here are just a few. Lincoln even seemed to enjoy the show and was very animated during it.

It was tempting to go on a few rides, but we had planes to catch.

We headed into Brisbane City.

Little Alex always holds on to the very end and finally fell asleep just as we got into Brisbane.

We had some sushi for lunch in the city. We all love sushi.

Then it was time to part ways and head our seperate ways. Gina and Damien were the first to leave and our plane was not long after. We had a layover in Melbourne, where we stopped for tea and made friends (in Maddi's case). It was so cold when we arrived in Hobart, very wet and windy. It was so hot and muggy when we left Brisbane. It was hard to find a balance in our choice of clothing. We were very hot in Brisbane from wearing clothes ready for Tassie. We were exhausted and didn't get back to Moppy and Poppy's until 10.30pm. We discovered our pram didn't want to come home and didn't get on the flight with us. It turned out to be a good thing as the car was packed full with bodies and luggage on the way home, and there was not a chance that it would fit. The pram was delivered to our house the following evening and beat us home.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 8- Movieworld

On the Friday, we had some family photos taken in the morning by Gina while the kids were bright and happy. It was slightly overcast and a muggy day. The lighting good for Gina to work some magic. Here is a sneak peak of one of the photos of the kids. Auntie Gina bought the kids their matching green outfits, and she made Maddi her gorgeous hairband. Here's a sneak peak of one of the photos of the kids. Maddi's ideal breakfast is watermelon and strawberries. Watermelon is her favourite fruit.

We all did different activities, on this day. Gina and Damien headed to Ballina for the day to visit Damien's grandmother. Liz, Kevin, Becc and William, did another shopping trip. Ness and Brise went to Movieworld for some more thrill seeking and we headed to Movieworld for the stuntshow. The plan was to just go to the car stuntshow, and let the kids on some of the kids rides before the show started. We only had a limited time before the show started so we gave the Phil and Ted pram a run for its money, and discovered that it can be a three seater pram. Maddi sat in the toddler seat with Linc strapped in on her lap. There was no time for photo taking unfortunately. If we had Gina our official photographer with us, we would of got a brilliant shot.

Movieworld had a whole section for the kids, and the kids went on Sylvester's Bounce 'n' Pounce which was identical to the Big Bird Bounce at Seaworld. Maddi and Big Alex went on the Road Runner Rollercoaster. Maddi enjoyed the rollercoaster and let out some screams for the sake of what everyone else was doing.

Little Alex queing up for the Bounce 'n' Pounce.

Maddi's turn

Speedy Gonzales Taxis were a real hit with us. This was great for the kids as they got to drive the cars all by themselves on the track. We had to wait a little while, but it was worth it.

Maddi still hasn't got the idea with steering properly and Little Alex needed help to push his accelerator button. Alex and I were cracking up as they were on this. They held everyone up and everyone overtook them several times before they had completed a lap. They kept bumping into each other like they were on the dodgem cars and Maddi kept telling little Alex to press the button when he would stop.

Here the lady is helping them out. She must be a very patient woman to deal with kids that are bad drivers all day.

Maddi and Alex went at their usual pace to get out of the cars, and kept checking out their cars before they left, (Mum will understand exactly what I'm talking about!). They are such dawdlers when getting in and out of the car, that I would rather put them in the pram and walk several kilometres than get them in and out of the car as I get so impatient with them.

Daffy Duck had a peek at Linc.

Maddi made another friend on another ride. She kept chatting to all the kids during rides while we visited the parks and was so relaxed during some of the fast paced rides, that she would find out their full names, like her friend Zac that she made at Dreamworld while on the fast swings. We have since forgotten little Zac's surname.

We missed the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, as we had been misinformed the time by one of the employees on the phone. We were a bit dissapointed because it was the whole purpose of going to Movieworld for the morning, but then we were glad that we got to take the kids on some of the rides where so many memories were created. Especially on the taxi drive one, where Alex and I were cracking up at the kids' poor driving skills. Lucky none of the other kids got roadrage. Little Alex didn't do too badly for a two year old with the driving really. We keep forgetting that he is only two.

We stopped to take a break, as it was so hot and muggy. How we would wish for that in Tassie right now!

We left Movieworld around Midday and stopped at Harbourtown for some outlet shopping. We took the scenic route home and I showed Alex where we lived in Surfers Paradise while Dad was on his long service leave. That was about 12 years ago. The place has grown a bit since we were there then.

When we got back to the house all of us were back from our outings. Some of us went for a final dip

Some prefered to watch this time.

It was sad to know that our holiday was coming to an end when we ate leftovers for tea. Our final night had come by so quickly. We had lots of laughs when we looked at photos of the weeks' activities that Gina had taken.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 7- Wet 'n' Wild

On Thursday morning we had a first from Linc. He rolled while he was on the bed. We knew he could do it as he is really strong in the trunk and has been sitting up since he was 5 and a half months old, but I guess it has taken him awhile to get the opportunity to do so. Good on you Linc!

We had a warm to hot day, the temperature was great for our visit to Wet 'n' Wild. We made Buccaneer Bay our base for the day, and set up all our food and swimming gear up in the picnic table area. It was so nice to be able to bring our own food into the park, unlike the other parks where we had to buy what they had on site.

Linc enjoyed the sights and sounds of the park, but wasn't a keen swimmer.

We thought the kids would love Wet 'n' Wild as they love Launceston Aquatic Centre and love swimming and splashing around. At home little Alex gets to the end of the bath tub, sits down on the edge and uses the side of the bath tub as a waterslide. So this park was definitely one for the kids.

Maddi loved all the waterslides and Little Alex enjoyed watching all the kids having fun in the water just as much as actually playing in the water.

We went on the Calypso Beach ride with the kids which was a relaxing tube ride around a slow flowing stream. The kids must of enjoyed it so much that they had another turn with Moppy and Poppy.

While the kids were in the care of others Alex and I went on some rides together in the Extreme H2O Zone.The final thing we did was had a race on The Super 8 Aqua Racer with 5 people racing. Poppy was the winner, and I was lucky last.

We left mid-afternoon and we weren't cold at all. When we left it was around 30 degrees. We had a great day, and what made it even better was that the sun had no sting upon us.

Alex and I cooked two Sri Lankan curries for tea. Alex is reknown for his curry cooking that he learnt to make while serving his mission in Sydney. The two curries are named Tavilstock Road Original, a chicken curry that is named after the street he lived on. The Green Deceiver is the green coloured curry and is a beef curry. The Green Deceiver is my favourite and is a hot curry, with lots of vegetables in it, that has an after bite of hotness to it. Hence the name 'Deceiver.'

We got the kids in bed soon after tea and headed out for a late night shop with Linc. Linc loved the one on one and sat happily in the front pack. He was a great tool to get some bargains. All the shop assistants gave me some great discounts that I didn't ask for, and the guys at the Fruitmarket gave us some Tamarillos to try, and black sapote fruit which is often referred to as chocolate pudding fruit.