Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tough as bricks

On Thursday evening the kids were outside playing while I was preparing tea. Maddi started crying about an incident, and we soon discovered that Little Alex wasn't wearing gumboots and had dropped a brick on his toe. As a result his big toe was lacerated and his big toenail had split in half and was just hanging on. Luckily Alex has just completed a refresher First Aid Course and was on the scene to help dress his toe that was bleeding profusely. Alex took him to emergency, and not long after they were home again. He is such a tough little boy, he only cried a little when it happened.

Little Alex was proud of his little visit to the hospital, and didn't make any fuss while he was there. He didn't get any stitches as they thought it would be too hard for his age, so he came home all bandaged up and with a certificate of bravery

And some McDonalds fries which he shared with Maddi.

I'm not really the type of person to get all weak at the sight of blood, but everytime I look at his toe I cringe at the thought of it, and get shivers down my spine. It is still bleeding, but hopefully it will heal up soon and stop bleeding. So from now on he will be wearing gumboots, as his toe is so sensitive. Somehow I don't think he'll mind too much, because that's all he wants to wear, even to church!


A little while ago Kelsea came to visit us for the day. We had fun in the sun, and had a picnic outside.

We went for a walk to the park. Maddi and Kels are real girly girls sometimes, and stopped along the way to pick all different types of flowers.

Little Alex sometimes gets annoyed at the girly things they do, like disliking their ballet school sessions, and having fairy DVD's on the TV, but loved his play at the park.

It's been awhile since we've all got together for a family dinner. On Sunday we finally caught up without Grandma and Uncle Chrish. We got this photo of all the cousins together. They all got along so well, playing together.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Early Risers

Tuesday morning was no ordinary morning. Alex and I were first woken up at 3am by the i phone 4 which woke us up an hour before it was supposed to! Then at 4am Linc was awake for his night feed and was wide awake and wouldn't go back to sleep again. Alex was going on another work trip, hence the reason for the early morning. After a little while we heard a little voice call out "Dad, I want to say goodbye." It was Maddi that was calling out, and she was wide awake. Not long after Little Alex stumbled into our bedroom with a grin on his face. The whole family was wide awake to say goodbye to Dad as they knew he was going in the early hours of the morning. There was no way that the kids were going to go back to sleep anytime soon, so we took a trip to the airport to farewell Dad in our Pj's (Well some of us anyway!).

Little Alex enjoyed watching the plane take off.

We stopped by and had breakfast with Becky, Kelsea and Eamon before we travelled back home. It was nice to see the sun rising, but was very difficult to see the road as we were driving towards the sun. The kids all managed to have a catch up nap during the day. I still haven't figured out how to get all three to sleep simultaneously. We are looking forward to seeing Dad soon.

My Birthday

On Monday it was my birthday. We celebrated it by going out to Anvers for brunch. I'm very lucky to have a sentimental and thoughtful husband, who took the day off work to make the day special for me.

The kids had their favourite-Chocolate rice bubbles.

I had a little surprise in my Chocolate Mousse Cake!

Linc enjoyed some cake.
The kids always have a play on the chocolate truck.

Maddi was excited that it was my birthday and made me a card with a heart on it, and said she put a heart on it " because I love you." The kids were very excited to give me a present from them-Some flowers, peanut butter cups and peanut butter M and M's. Alex cooked a delicious dinner of my requests. Prawns cooked on the barbie with an avocado salad for entree.

Tandoori lamb cutlets and salad for main.

We finished off with Cold Rock style ice cream for dessert.