Thursday, November 25, 2010

At 10 and a half months

Our baby is growing up quickly now. Here are some facts about Lincoln at age 10 and a half months.

1. He is a little chatterbox, and can say "Mum" and "Dad" and can imitate sounds really well. A few times we have seen him look at Maddi and say "Mad". He makes lots of sounds and has a very cute laugh. ( He also has a very determined cry!)
2. He has three teeth.
3. He doesn't crawl or even get down on his tummy to crawl as he has no desire to do so. He bum shuffles and slides across the floor. He can move metres efficiently by putting his hands in front of himself and pulls along the floor. He can do this really efficiently on the polished floor boards. He is very strong in the trunk.
4. He is very loveable and a cuddly little one, who gives you his heart.

5. He is a Mummy and Daddy's boy.

6. His favourite foods are stewed fruit, roast meals and chicken soup.

7. He has a milk allergy, it took 9 months to figure this out. If he has milk in any form he suffers from reflux breaks out in hives and rashes and doesn't grow like he should.
8. He is small and cute and weighs 7.25kgs. He is very flexible.
9. He is an outdoors boy and is so happy when outside.

10. He has big eyes, that beam.
11. He is a bright little spark and learns things quickly.
12. He waves bye bye, claps his hands and gives high fives on demand.

13. He has cute little feet.

14. He smiles lots and interacts well with people
15. He is loved and adored by us all and we love him to bits. He has a theme song by Maddi where Maddi has changed the words by using a tune off Playschool. He gets excited to hear this song

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Having fun at the beach

It was a gorgeous day today so we headed to the beach with Grandma, Becky and the kids. When I said to the kids that we were heading to the beach, the kids raced around to get ready. I've never seen them move so fast! Maddi was very proactive about taking all our beach gear and toys.

Becky and I commented that we always seem to be at the beach when we're pregnant as both of us have had two babies due in summer. Becky has just two weeks to go until the baby is due and is looking really well.

Maddi found some cuddle fish.
The kids had a blast and could of stayed for hours.

Catching some waves!

The boys are so into trucks and machines. Little Alex always makes a beeping sound when he reverses his toy trucks. They are getting along more and more even though there is 12 months between them. Alex is always excited to see his cousin Eamon.

Maddi commented that it was a good day for an icecream on the way home, but being close to tea time we gave it a miss. We all love warm days and are hoping to get a hot summer.