Thursday, December 16, 2010

On our anniversary

On Friday the 3rd of December it was the day of our sixth wedding anniversary. We had a sleepless night as Little Alex still had the gastro, and we had to get up during the night to change his bedding as he had a few accidents. When he's sick you barely know it, as he bounces around and is full of energy and still eats normally. So there was lots of mess to clean up, as he had eaten a full meal the night before.

Maddi had a much awaited trip to Sydney with Moppy and Poppy to visit Gina and Damien. She was very excited and we were surprised that she managed to sleep. She was very involved in the preparation with packing and picking out what she was going to take. At her first round of packing she packed lots of belts, hundreds of hairbands, her favourite t-shirt, 5 pairs of shoes and insisted on packing her gumboots just in case it rained. Little Alex was clued in on what was going on and started packing lots of his items in the suitcase. I kind of felt sorry that he was missing out, but he's not ready for a big trip just yet. Maybe in a couple more years he'll be ready.

We were running a little behind time to drop Maddi off at the airport, and when we went to start the car it turned out we had a flat battery. It was one of those days! Alex had to go ahead to Launceston to get Maddi to her plane on time, while I waited for the guy from RACT to give us a charge up. Alex managed to get Maddi to the airport on time. It was lucky that Maddi only had carry on luggage as the check in time had closed when she got to the airport.

I traveled into Launceston with the boys, and discovered how nice it was to travel in peace and quiet, as they slept and I didn't have a little girl talking to me the whole way and asking hundreds of questions. Alex and I managed to get some Christmas shopping done with the boys and stopped at The Sushi Train for lunch.

We kept Little Alex on minimal food as we didn't want a public accident!

Linc enjoyed the sushi too.

Poor Little Alex had an accident and it wasn't from the end that we were expecting. We had a visit with the Kings and freshened Little Alex up. It was such a beautiful night that we went to the gorge for a walk. The boys were very intrigued with the peacocks. It was nice and peaceful and we realised how much easier it is to take two kids out instead of all three.

This last wedding anniversary was definitely one we'll never forget! Thanks to Moppy, Poppy, Gina and Damien for having Maddi for the weekend. There will be photos and details of the trip on here soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Christmas Parade

On Saturday it was a "special occassion" according to Maddi. It was the annual Christmas Parade. Every year that we've lived up here, it's rained on parade day, and it was no different this year. We got there a little earlier and got a spot under cover, so we were fairly well sheltered. There were heaps of floats from the different organisations in the community and lots of giveaways. Little Alex absoultely loved watching all the trucks, tractors and emergency vehicles with their sirens on.

Next year I will try and get more photos of the floats!

Meeting Jack

Last week we got to meet our nephew/cousin, Jack. We met him on his due date as he was three days early. He is small and very cute. We think he looks a lot like Kelsea as a baby. Little Alex immediately wanted to have a look at him, as he seems intrigued with babies. Linc wanted to touch Jack and patted his head. It's so strange to think that these boys will start school together as they are both born in the same year, only Linc was born at the beginning of the year and Jack at the end. We're looking forward to getting to know this little fella.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Picasso

Linc has very good fine motor skills. Recently we noticed him picking up pens and trying to draw, in a purposeful way. So this afternoon when Maddi and Alex were having a drawing session Linc had a bit of a draw with correct pencil grip and all. It turns out that he is ambidextrous. He started with his right hand

Then he swapped the texta over to his left hand.

Here is the picture that he produced. Maddi pointed out that he wrote a letter 'S', and was in stitches of laughter about it.

Maddi's picture. She says it's a "colouring in" picture.

Alex's picture. He said it was a car with a man.

We may have to get the kids to keep practising so they can get their pictures printed onto plates, like we did as kids! I don't think we'll be leaving the pens and textas out in random places anymore, with Linc on the move, wanting to create!