Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turning 5

The day finally came, Maddi turned 5 yesterday (ANZAC Day). She was born at 4.10am so she was officially 5 when she woke up at 6.30am. She has been looking forward to turning 5 for a long time and has been telling everyone she comes in contact with that she will be turning 5 soon. One of her birthday requests was to have a pinata. Moppy found a number 5 one for her.

Maddi was very lucky to get so many lovely presents.

Auntie Becc made some delicious hot cross buns fresh from the oven, and we ate them for breakfast.

After breakfast we took a trip to Manny and Bryce's property (Brise's parents). The kids had a great time seeing Shadow the horse, playing with the animals and collecting the eggs.

We met this adorable puppy who needed an owner. Isn't he the cutest little thing?! We would of loved to of taken him home, but decided now wasn't the right time for our family to own him. Maybe down the track we will find a little puppy as good as him to add to our family. He was so good with the kids, and happily played with them. Linc was very interested in him and excited. Manny being a real softie for animals is the lucky owner of him now.

When we got back to Moppy and Poppy's Maddi did some craft, which is her favourtie thing to do, and we had a barbeque lunch on the deck which was Maddi's request with pink drinks and sausages.

This year Maddi chose a cake that was a bit more sophisticated than past years, and decided she wanted a chocolate mousse cake which she saw in the Coles magazine. Dad did a great job with the decorating.

Then it was pinata time.

Linc wanted to be in on the action and picked up a stick and scooted over to the pinata.

Maddi said that the pinata was her favourite thing on her birthday. She had a fantastic day and was dissapointed that we had to return home in the late afternoon. The boys slept most of the way home, but Maddi just talked and talked the majority of the way while we played some car games. Maddi is so proud that she is now a five year old.