Wednesday, July 27, 2011

18 Months young

Time flies when you're having fun! The 12th of July marked Lincoln's 18 month of age mark. Linc was so brave when he got his immunisation for chicken pox- He didn't let out a sound. Little Alex has trained him tough! He's still not walking, (although he took 2 steps a couple of weeks back) or crawling, but bottom shuffling around. He is so quick that it's no wonder that he has no tummy- He must burn everything off. He is so powerful and efficient at it that he gets airborne and you hear a galloping sound on our wooden floorboards. He loves the outdoors although I do not let him outside unless the grass is dry, which is very rare at the moment. He leaves big tracks on the grass with his bottom shuffling.

He loves to climb into the cupboards and the dishwasher when he has the chance, he enjoys pulling  books off the bookshelf, playing with electronic devices, putting things in the toilet, having baths, dancing and enjoys playing in the saucepans cupboard.  His older brother likes to join in with all the banging and crashing of the saucepans. His favourite place in the whole house is the pantry. He goes in there for some "eat! eats!" and is on the hunt for some yummy food. He gets very excited when he finds some marshmallows and his special dairy free and gluten free chocolate covered biscuits.

A few weeks back he officially entered nursery. To us he still feels like a baby, and I really do not know where the last 18 months have gone. So far the transition into nursery has been smooth sailing. We have a great nursery leader who is on the ball and knows all the 15 nursery kids so well. Anna does a great job, she must be exhausted when she goes home to look after her two little ones! 

Little Alex will still be in nursey until next year with Lachie. Eamon will still be in for another year. It's great to go to church with some cousins. Uncle Jared is an assistant in nursery so there are lots of familiar faces in there for Linc to be comfortable with.

Linc plays on his own usually, but this particular day he started interacting with Seanan who is a day older than him.

 " I will know this child for all of eternity as an adult, but it is only for a short time that I will know each of them as a child. What a privilege it is to know them as a child " Quote from Hilary Weeks from the TOFW. Thanks Carli for sharing these quotes on your blog. This quote really touched me. We are very blessed to see this little boy as a child. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

They wish it were summer

The kids have been pretending that it's summer time of late. I brought the tunnel out of the playroom to encourage Linc to crawl through it. No chance of that happening though- All I see is a little head that bobs up and down as he bottom shuffles through it! Maddi came up with the idea of opening a waterslide down the stairs that is open "every, each season."


They have also been having lots of camping trips in the lounge room. Before I know it, little Alex has clothing off his shelves and packs it into every single bag they own. Blankets are brought out and summer pjs are on for their campout. The sure are fast at bringing it all out, but are very slow to put it all back for some reason!

Maddi 'camping' in her summer Pjs.

Maddi was very excited today when we went for a walk, as she noticed the trees were in blossom. Come soon spring, we love you and are looking forward to planting more vegies in the garden and getting outside more.