Friday, February 17, 2012

Waterslide Party!

On Saturday the 14th of January we celebrated Alex and Linc's birthday at the Ulverstone Waterslide and the park. I always thought it would be great to book the waterslide out for a birthday, and since we knew that we were moving, thought that it might be the last opportunity for the boys to celebrate their birthdays in Tasmania with the family. It was great to have Grandma and Grandpa, Moppy and Poppy, The Kings and The Shields family celebrate with us. Most of us had a go on the waterslide- Old and young, which made it all the more fun. It was very amusing to see the speeds that everyone would go at, and I would wonder what the technique was to go fast. The speed demons were Uncle Aaron, Uncle Brise and Daddy and the SLOW COACH of all was Poppy. In fact at one point towards the end of a ride, Poppy literally stopped and was trying so hard to keep going. It was hilarious! Linc was only interested in going a couple of times as he felt the cold, and was happy to rugged up on Grandma's knee watching everyone. Everytime we would ask if he wanted another ride he would shake his head at us, to give us a definite no.

 Afterwards we had party food and had birthday cake at the park.

The boys were very lucky and got lots of lovely presents, which they loved and  still love, weeks later.


The boys had their own individual cakes on their actual birthdays, but we thought it was much easier to have a combined cake for their party. I made the cake and Alex (Dad) decorated it as an Aeroplane runway cake. The boys love planes. Linc is especially obsessed with planes and often refers to any plane as "Daddy's plane."


It was such a beautiful day that we took a walk on the beach with the Kings and Grandma and Grandpa. In the years that we have lived in Ulverstone, I have never seen the tide out so far, as it was on this day. There were things that I had never seen before, like lots of big rocks that are normally covered by water.The kids are very free spirited still and stripped down to their undies for a paddle. This was one of the last days that we spent with Uncle Aaron, so it is even more cherished now, than ever. I really hope the boys always remember their Uncle Aaron, and the fun he used to join in on. Uncle Aaron would always randomly quiz their kids who their favourite Uncle was. They never responded with any names, but I'm sure he is one of their favourites.

Afterwards we hung out with Moppy, Poppy, Becc, Brise and William before they went home. The boys were lucky (and Maddi as an early b'day present) and got a trampoline from Moppy and Poppy for their birthdays. They had a great time playing with Will. The trampoline has provided hours of fun and Maddi was practically begging for one at Christmas time.  We've had the sprinkler on it on hot days, and it is always used when the neighbours are on their trampoline too. Linc loves just running laps around it, but hates it when Maddi and Alex are jumping and he is being bounced around. We sure will miss spending birthdays with the family in the future. When I asked Alex who he wanted to come to his party all he wanted was his family. He often refers to his cousins as his best friends, I hope that he always calls his family his best friends.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A 2nd birthday

Two days after Alex's birthday we were celebrating another birthday, I know we didn't plan that too well, but what control do you really have when one baby (Alex) is overdue and then his younger brother (Linc) decides to see the world a little earlier than expected! This time it was for our two year old Lincoln. He really did pick a good day to come, as he really wanted to share his birthday with Grandma, who's birthday is on the 12th. I really can't believe he is 2. It really felt like it should of been his 1st birthday and I am often second thinking, have we really had you in our family for two years? But then it feels like he has always been in our family. When he got him out of bed I said "Happy birthday" and he responded with "TWO!" like to say I'm two now. Having your birthday close to Christmas helps in some ways as Linc knew exactly how to open presents on his own. He loved his Mega Blocks airport set and Fireman Sam Book and Big Trucks book that he got.

Linc is very plane and helicopter obsessed. Helicopters are called planes by him. He is very observant when it comes to planes, he spots planes everywhere , even when they are on airport road signs. When he hears an aeroplane, he can hear it from miles away and tells everyone "shhhhh.......plane coming." Then he takes us all  to the window like it's the most important thing ever, and becons us to come, and says "come.....see!" One of these days I should capture it on video, as describing it doesn't really show how cute he is when he says it. Linc is a bit of an actor and will show so much expression in his face.

Linc had Nutrigrain for breakfast, and several bowls of it! He is a big breakfast eater. Some people cannot believe that he can eat up to 6 weetbix for breaky. Linc is still small and weighed 9.6kgs at his 2 year old check, and is officially in a size 0, but we put him in size 1 clothes. Size 1 clothes often swim on him and he has to have pants with a waistband, otherwise they are down to his ankles.

We spent the afternoon at the pool while the car was being serviced. The kids are such water babies and could spend the whole day there.

 Linc feels the cold though and was often in out of the pool and would give me the biggest smiles and would run up to me with his arms wide open to give me a hug. I didn't care that he got me wet and had made me look like I had wet myself! It was one of those moments that you say, you'll never forget, so I took a photo of Linc so I wouldn't forget it.

  Linc had some snakes for a birthday treat.

 Linc loves roast chicken, so since I didn't have time to put a roast on for tea, we had the closest thing to roast chicken-Charcoal Chicken. He had a sponge cake filled with dairy free custard.

Linc had such a happy day on his birthday. We can't really call our baby a baby anymore!

4th Birthday

 On Tuesday the 10th of January, Alex turned 4. He was more into his birthday than ever. It was a big surprise to get a bike for his birthday that Dad and Maddi had picked out. It was quite tricky too keep it a surprise, as he was very frustrated that he couldn't spend time with Dad and whilst he was at the bike shops. We went to McDonalds for breakfast before Alex went to work. Little Alex loves McDonalds. and had a baon and egg McMuffin meal.

He wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday, so we got him a supermarket mud cake and decorated it. 

We were planning to go for a bike ride after, but it kept showering on and off all day. We ended up sticking to riding up and down our street. We watched Cars 2, which he got for his birthday, while the weather was bad.

He requested noodles for his birthday tea, so I made something similar to Pad Thai with lots of seafood in it. All was well until Lincoln violently started throwing up all over the table and in his seat! The enjoyable dinner ended there, as none of us wanted to continue eating! After everything was sanitised and cleaned, we put Lincoln to bed and had some cake and icecream and sang happy birthday. Little Alex received phone calls during the day, but he is not a big talker on the phone, and ended up just grinning everytime he would get a call. In the early hours of the morning on the 11th of January (not his burthday) he woke up and had thrown up in his bed. The fortunate thing was it didn't happen on his birthday.

 During the holidays he has been riding his bike to the park and back. With strong legs like his, he powers up hills, but isn't so good down hills. He doesn't know how to use the brakes yet. Rather than using the brakes, he just abandons the bike while it's in motion and he's got himself into a few accidents. We can't believe he is 4 already. We love our 4 year old.