Friday, March 2, 2012

Summer holidays activities

During January while Alex was away on business, we went and stayed 6 nights at Grandma and Grandpa's. It was great to get away from home and feel like we were on holiday. Grandma and I had a movie marathon one day and into the night. We watched three movies in the one day. I must say that the movies that Grandma picked have definitely been playing on my mind. Maddi and Alex slept in the tent while we were there, and loved it. After all their excitement,of being in the tent they were out to it. They were asleep a lot quicker than what they would be if we were inside. Grandma stayed out there with them most of the nights, and I joined them another night. One night was enough for me, and I was happy to sleep on a proper bed the following night!

The kids had lots of paddles in Grandma and Grandpa's new pool which they got all the Grandkids. The kids spent hours in the pool in the afternoon until tea time most days. Grandma and I would read and relax on our lounge chairs. I kept thinking I could easily get used to this.

One particular day we said to the kids if you get out of the pool, you'll have to have a sleep. I am a mean mother! While they were drying off sunbaking, they managed to fall asleep. I couldn't believe it. I covered them up while they were sleeping as I didn't want them to get sunburnt. Grandpa wondered why it was so peaceful and quiet, and didn't even notice them sleeping underneath the towel and pillow.

We also did our traditional Deloraine visit op shopping, feeding the ducks and ate lunch in the park. We visited Sarah and Issac one day, which the kids enjoyed and had a look at the pigs that are just near Sarah's place. On the Saturday we headed home to be back for church, and took a spontaneous visit, Sunday evening, back for an overnight visit with Chrish who was on his first night there. We joked that Chrish was the Prodigal Son, as Mum had made a delicious roast lamb with a really yummy mango cheesecake for Chrish's homecoming.

The next day Mum headed to the Young Womens camp, and we had Kelsea stay with us two nights, while Becky was at camp. We stopped at Anvers for icecreams on the way home.

The kids had girl movie nights and stayed up late. One night the girls watched Ella Enchanted and Maddi invited the neigbour boys over to watch it. I kept trying to convince her that it was a movie that boys probably wouldn't enjoy, but Maddi was persistent and asked their Mum for permission.. Instead they had a playdate on the trampoline as the boys were busy that night. Maddi loves her playdates with those boys. We have been teaching the kids about loving everyone and about loving their neighbours and explained to Maddi what that meant. One day Maddi randomly said, " Mum, I really do love my neighbours." She will be quite sad to leave her first crush, Master L. It will be sad for Maddi to not be able to ask her teachers if she can go and visit grade two, to visit her friend Master L. She tells me that Master L and his brother Master C, are really really nice, and really look after her.

On the 2nd day while Kelsea was visiting, we went on a bike ride down to the park and beach. It was hard work for them, as it was a hot day. Kelsea went great guns on the bike and it really encouraged Maddi and Alex to try and keep up with her. Maddi and Kelsea insisted on dressing up, down at the park. We had a play at the beach and park before riding back home.

We had lovely weather while Kelsea visited and the kids had a great time. Maddi loved having her over to do girl stuff. After Christmas I thought the holidays were going to go slow, but they really did go extra fast. If only we knew what was to happen the next day, we would of wished time to stop.